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This website is a tool designed to support collaborating with others on research, ideas, and projects of all types with a particular focus on bringing artists, scientists, professionals, and social entrepreneurs together. The enormous success of Wikipedia and open source software has shown that collaborating with others through the Internet is an extremely good way to get things done. However in the past the limiting factor was always that the Internet is only a medium of communication. That is, the Internet is good for talk, but terrible for action. This is where designbreak comes in.

designbreak, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is dedicated to supporting and deploying these projects bridging the gap between the internet and reality. The focus of designbreak's support is towards art, research, engineering, or social projects with a humanitarian or global focus. These projects can be large or small in scope, there is no limit on the type of project we will support as long as it can help people or advance the cause of humanity. A few examples of the nascent projects that designbreak will be supporting at later stages of their development are: FoodPrint, Universal Medical Kits, Heavy metal litmus test. Designbreak will provide support in the following ways: moderating the online discussions, fundraising, project legal support, prototyping, outreach to communities in need, supporting the physical deployment or implementation of projects, materials and promotion of the projects.

There are a variety of ways you can be involved. Obviously, and most importantly, we need collaborators, so join or start a project. Further, recruiting people for designbreak is of the utmost importance, so spread the word! We also need translators to translate the site into other languages. Direct volunteers to help run the organization are a must, so please contact us if you want to help out. As well, donations (tax deductible) are how we are going to raise the bulk of our funds to support projects, so please donate if you can.

Designbreak Officials

Zachary Apte: Designbreak's President, chief of Designbreak North America, founder and CEO

Nilesh Fernando: CFO, and Chief of Designbreak South Asia

Gabriel Ceriotti: Chief of Designbreak Latin-America

Joshua Korr: Vice President of Operations