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International Collaboration Format
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The idea of this project is to develop a format for writing a text is such a way that it can be better (more coherent) translated using a translation algorithm.

So, for example lets say there is need to translate this text form English to other languages through the use of algorithms such as those Babelfish or Google translate use. But, if many idiomatic expressions or phrasal verbs are used, the translation might not be very coherent. So, in order to increase the efficiency of automated translations (given current technological limitations) is to develop a standard writing format to go with the software. This format of writing would be called the ICF or International Collaboration Format and could be of great use for sites such as designbreak that try to foment international collaboration.Furthermore, this project can also be used to increase the efficiency of translation algorithms. That is, once a reliable combination of algorithm and writing standardization is found, this project can be used to fix common translation problems that these a;gorithms might have. For example a library of "difficult expressions" can be made for the ICF and later be used to refine the automatic translators.

This project might involve making a different writing standard for every language from which the text will be translated, and would definitely need the simultaneous work of translators and programmers.