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tents for the poor
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It was recently brought to my attention that shelter and shade in the developing world are a huge problem. I've been thinking about tents for some time now, so here are my thoughts about the parameters for a project, and perhaps some solutions. There are many different types of homeless people -- some are sedentary and injured, some are mobile and migrant workers. It is possible that a homeless person would be forced to move often and quickly. As well the tent should provide shade and ventilation during the day, as well as protection against rain, and insulation at night.

My thought is this: -- the tent should have interchangeable poles or inflatable struts (perhaps made with bicycle inner tubes), whichever is cheaper and more easily replaceable. A "rain fly"/"sun shade"/"reflective insulator" which is reflective on one side and dull colored on the other should zip onto the top of the tent. The tent could be designed to condense water which is exhaled by the sleeping person in an intermediate layer, and run it into a storage container. I will expand on this further later.