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Dec 09 2009, 06:29 am

I just wanted to know what you are doing right now for your project designbreak? As there is no new message on the site, maybe your project is in standbye. I have a lot of idea to relunch it. I see designbreak as an OpenResearch plateform. I wrote an article about there : http://ths1104.wordpress.com/ (fr). Here is an article that inspired me : http://wikipendium.blogspot.com/2008/07/vision-need-and-new-compendium-of-human_01.html (en). Are you interested by the concept?
contact me by mail.

Dec 09 2009, 07:07 pm

Hi Zapte,
I had like to build a team to think about/relunch the designbreak project.
I think that 3 to 7 motivated persons (2hours per week) would be great. Are you in? Do you know someone who could be interested in?
We could build our reflection on my article (http://ths1104.wordpress.com/). Do you need a translation in English?

Dec 09 2009, 11:52 am

Hello ths1104,
My activity in the designbreak project has been on standby for a couple years. I have been pursuing my PhD in Biophysics, and I have not had any collaborators willing to put in the energy to make it work and the project lost a lot of momentum.

I still consider designbreak to be an extremely important project, and if you are interested in getting designbreak moving again, that would be great, and not that hard to do. I would be happy to be involved again as well, and I will do what I can to help you.

Designbreak just needs a few things: users, projects, some new collaboration tools, and general maintenance. I have the latter two covered, but as we haven't had many new users and projects, they really been a need. What really needs to happen is for designbreak to get a number of active users and projects. If you want to collaborate on any of the existing seed projects, that would be great and I would join you. Otherwise if you want to make your own projects I would be happy to help out too. Let me know,