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Molecular Separators
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One of the single most important processes that almost all industries rely on is the separation of base materials: Useable petroleum is purified from crude oil, minerals are refined from raw ores, and impurities are filtered from water. Through advancements in nanotechnology it is conceivable that Molecular Separators could be constructed that do these things on the finest level, thus eliminating the need for large-scale inefficient filtration plants. These �machines� could hypothetically be thought of as tiny nano-sized robots that seek out and separate individual molecules from each other, like your local recycling center but reduced to the size of a skin cell.

The first step is to create simple specific Molecular Separators, such as a rust-from-water, or a DNA-from-protein separate. The next step is to combine all of these into one generic type; this will be the Swiss army knife of Molecular Separators. Finally, these can be merged with Molecular Assemblers (another project) to create the Ultimate Assembly Machine (also know as the Ultimate Recycling Machine.) This machine could efficiently create anything from just raw materials; whether it is DNA from organic material, a desk from woodchips and glue, or a supercomputer from raw ore. Yes it is most definitely achievable, and yes the possibilities are infinite...

Important considerations such as the environmental hazards and safety risks involved with advanced nanotechnology CANNOT be ignored.