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Molecular Assemblers
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Molecular Assembly has been the ultimate dream of material scientists, chemists, engineers and biologists alike. The power to construct atom-by-atom has far reaching consequences in all fields of study. We could potentially create supercomputers and bouncy balls alike at just the cost of the raw materials. One could meditate for a lifetime on the possibilities (eliminating disease and cancer, eradicating world hunger, regulating global warming, and creating super-efficient photovoltaic just to name a few...) But how do we get there?

“Molecular self-assembly is the assembly of molecules without guidance or management from an outside source.”(en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Molecular_self-assembly). The current focus is on using tiny nano-sized robots, the construction and design of which require input from many fields such as computer science, classical and quantum physics, chemistry, material science, etc... If we ever get stuck, examples of molecular assembly can be easily found, just ask a biologist.

Molecular Assemblers can potentially be merged with Molecular Separators (another project) to create the Ultimate Assembly Machine (also know as the Ultimate Recycling Machine.) This machine could efficiently create anything from just raw materials; whether it is DNA from organic material, a desk from woodchips and glue, or a supercomputer from raw ore. Yes it is most definitely achievable, and yes the possibilities are infinite...

Important considerations such as the environmental hazards and safety risks involved with advanced nanotechnology CANNOT be ignored.