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Our rating will be liner and normalized to a one-to-ten scale with ten as the highest impact. However the sub-categories will be measured in more appropriate units, and will always be available in our online database. In addition to the scale, each label will also have a real-cost rating, indicating the cost including the expense of cleaning up the environment. Our initial dream-list of categories are listed below, but the weighting is, as of yet, undetermined. Additionally these will change depending on the feasibility of actually getting a reasonable indicators of these impacts. Because we are going to be rating individual products, we must use as much direct data we can. However for some subcategories, it will make sense to use a statistical technique such as EIO-LCA (at least to start).

Planet Global Environmental Impact

Land use




People Local environmental and social impacts

Employee Treatment


Local resources

Sustainability and long-term viability

Participation Commitment to change, community and planet

Offsets and other global scale programs

Commitment to change and new, better techniques

Community Education and projects

Certifications such as: organic, fair-trade, etc.