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Molecular Separators
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Oct 16 2007, 06:13 pm

I wanted to add some type of analytical detector to all the characteristics of this molecular separator.
I believe that it would be easier to choose an appropriate method of separation after knowing the composition of the sample

Oct 10 2007, 03:52 am

Nano-scale robots are simply too sci-fi to be practical for these purposes. However, molecules are often separated for scientific research purposes or engineering. These methods tend to differentiate by these characteristics: by mass/charge ratio, by rate of diffusion across specific membranes or columns, by size, by mass and by chemical precipitation. If a device was to be able to separate specific molecules from any impure substance, it would have to do several of these in tests in series to get the final substance.

The methods of separation used to date are fairly slow, for example a HPLC measurement takes several hours. If one was to make a practical separation device, it would have to have these features:

1. Mid to High through-put

2. Low energy per gram requirement

3. Good separation efficiency

4. Simple to tune to a specific molocule

The only thing I can think of that can do these things are biological systems. Well I don't think 4 would be so easy for a biological system. But that is where I would start. Is there an easyway to tune say a bacteria to eat a specific molecule? MRNA perhaps?