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Universal Medical Kits
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The major causes of mortality and morbidity world wide are generally preventable or treatable conditions such as malaria or diarrhea. These conditions usually arise in communities without access to the resources to prevent them, and certainly not to treat them, thus they are "diseases of the poor". One way to combat the is to distribute information on prevention, and another is to distribute treatment information and resources (medicine).

This project is to design and (hopefully, eventually) distribute a medical kit with cheap and effective medicines to common diseases as well as a multi-lingual diagnosis, treatment and prevention booklet, and a separate pictorial/verbal (cheap audio chip?) diagnosis card.

The booklet could, for example, contain advice on acquiring netting for preventing the mosquito bites that cause malaria to how to check your water for purity. Developing (if they don't exist) water test strips to check of contamination could be a research subsection of this project for a chemically and biologically minded person.