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Affordable genetically engineered seeds movement
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One way of decreasing the costs of food and increasing the quality of life of farmers would be to offer an alternative to big-company-made crop seeds. It happens in some places that environmental conditions change preventing a certain crop to grow like it used to. Then, a company manages to genetically engineer a more resistant version of the crop and sells it to the farmers. However, the catch is that the seeds spawn sterile crops, so the farmers are forced to keep spending money for seeds during every planting season.

Creating versions of resistant crops (like the ones already provided by afore mentioned companies) that can reproduce and are usable by anyone, can work to improve the food situation of the world and help improve the quality of life of the farmers that grow the world's food.

consider ....

World renowned scientist, environmentalist, agricultural activist and Time-magazine's "Hero for the Planet", Dr.Vandana Shiva offers insightful solutions for global problems ....."Seed of Freedom offers farmers and communities seed saving centers, training and classes on ecological farming and direct marketing which enable farmers and rural communities to maintain viable, vibrant local economies. Seeds of Hope helps farmers and communities by distributing seeds throughout the 'suicide belt'. Sharing traditional seeds, training farmers, and providing advocacy gives farmers a way out of the desperation and deep poverty caused by the industrialized seeds and chemicals, and the global integration of the commodity markets." http://www.vandanashiva.org/