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Project Implementation Guide
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This is a general outline for how to design an effective project. This is in its early form--feel free to add to it!

Let us first define a project as: "a series of acts designed to accomplish a specific result within a set budget and time frame." The effectiveness of a project boils down to careful planning and execution.

Phase one: Create a plan of action

- Pose the problem

- Collaborate with others to come up with an effective solution

- Define the purpose and scope of the solution

- Identify the driving forces of the solution and its concrete objectives

Most generally, the driving forces are: quality, time, and cost.

- Anticipate, identify, and address potential problems

- Create a budget and a timeline for implementation

- Define roles among the team members, and assign to each their specific objectives, budget, and time frame

Phase two: Implement project according to guidelines

- Recruit help using outreach tactics

- Expect frustrations, hurdles, and failures

- Don't be afraid to adjust the plan as challenges arise or understanding of project changes

Phase three: Reevaluate the project plan, and reevaluate these guidelines accordingly