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designbreak-bugs Internal eMail system

Oct 07 2008, 03:12 pm

I can reply to someone's messages, but when I try to write a new message, I can't put someone's name in the recipient's place


Jan 27 2008, 01:13 am

what if under the "people" heading we have next to each user name some indication of what languag/s each person can comunicate in? Users could be required to provide this info in their profile. Maybe this would help make international colaboration a bit easier at a glance.


Oct 29 2007, 04:54 am

It would be convenient to have an additional default section within each project where references and links to relevant and/or related information to the project could be posted.
Also, this feature should also alow the user to link pertinent entries in the "inspirational research" section mentioned in the blog entry above (if such a section is ever created) and vice verse. (Or maybe we could just have people copying and pasting in-site URLS.


Oct 29 2007, 04:50 am

I would find it useful to have a section where users can post some of their research or other research that can serve as inspiration to other (either because it is related to one or more of the Designbreak projects or just because it is plain cool.)


Oct 29 2007, 04:47 am

I think that the site looks great, and I love the new addition of the the project cathegories. However, I think that there should be a cathegory labled as "Other" so that projects that don't fit in the existing cathegories can be put somwere and then re-arranged approprietly when more cathegories are creates. And, I also think it would be good if we could come up with a system that would allow us to have multi-cathegory projects to be found by looking under any of the pertinent cathegories. For example, a health related social movement should be found both under "social movement" and "Healt" projects.