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Molecular Assemblers Nano assembly vats

Jun 03 2013, 01:08 am

The safety issues practically disappear when you limit your nanobots to remote control and broadcast power in a vat. It also appears easier to design a nanobot that does not need to think. The limitation of the assembly vat is that the human user has to operate a shovel to feed it.

tents for the poor Portability

Jun 02 2013, 11:10 pm

In my experience, portability is the major limiting factor in the use of any tent. How much can you carry in your hands or on your back, most of the day, every day? This is why the U.S.A. army infantrymen each carry only half of a tent. The lighter materials are either too weak for daily use or too expensive. Donated tents are available to the homeless in many cities of the U.S.A.. These tents often end up as litter in the vacant lots where they are used and then abandoned. Blankets are more valuable to people on the move without wheels. Combining tents and sleeping bags, or just making sleeping bags that are waterproof, has been done. Can we find some material to replace the cheap plastic tarp, that is lighter and stronger and no more expensive? Creating a tent for all seasons and sites does not seem feasible. I will look for the cost and strength of reflective plastic in tent size sheets.

2 mil Mylar reflective plastic film is sold in 25 foot by 50 inch rolls for about $17 per roll.